Friday, January 8, 2010

Field Trip 2009 - Istanbul Bienale

Print Off - For Open Day

Print Off was a printing day where students from all years of visual arts practice spent a day in the print studio creating large scale works which were displayed in the Atrium of the college during open day.

Book Project

The book project was a cross course project initiated by Cora Cummins tutor in visual arts practice and Ian Mitton tutor in photography. Both groups of 2nd years worked on the idea of the artist book, many students formed small groups to collaborate on joint project.

Site Specific Project 2008 - Art On Campus

The Site Specific Project runs in the first semester of 2nd year. Students react to a chosen site on the campus and create temporary artworks within a four - five week schedule.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Berlin Field Trip 2008

2nd year Exhibition 'Open Door" 2008

Open Door was a student led exhibition which was held in the old containers at the back of the sculpture yard. The student group worked hard clearing out three of the containers which they painted and curated a vibrant end of year exhibition. Refreshments were provided on the summer evening opening where the normally desolate backyard wasteland was transformed into a magical art festival.